Raizer M & Raizer II Patient Lifting Chairs

Sustained injuries from falls cost Americans millions of dollars a year. What’s more, is that the person trying to help a fallen patient back up often sustains injuries from improper lifting. Raizer M and Raizer II Lifting Chairs are the only patient lifting devices on the market that quickly help a fallen person from a lying to a sitting position AND protect the helper too. 


Why is the Raizer M better than other patient lifts?

The Raizer M lift is carefully designed to require no movement or effort from the person that has fallen down. Most other lifts in the market require the person that fell to use their strength to slide or maneuver into position to be lifted up. The Raizer M lift chair also lifts the person higher requiring less leg strength to stand up.

The Finest Danish Engineering - Trusted by Professionals

Proudly MADE in Europe, the innovative Raizer M lifting device has saved hundreds of thousands of people from sustaining serious injuries from falls. You and your family now can get your hands on this patient lift device to help your loved one now.

Your Loved One Isn’t a Statistic

Elderly people are the most vulnerable to serious injuries from falling, and the Raizer M and Raizer II Lifting Chairs have revolutionized how you can respond. When a fall occurs, getting that person back up into a sitting position is the most critical first step to avoiding injuries or getting professional medical help.

Among people over the age of 65, falls account for 87% of all fractures and are the second leading cause of spinal cord injuries and brain injury symptoms.

Half of all elderly patients hospitalized for hip fractures never return home or live independently again. 

Falls cause 40% of all nursing home admissions and are the sixth leading cause of death among people over 70 years old.


How to Prevent Injuries after Falling

Have a loved one that has a high risk of falling? Having a difficult time getting them back up? A Raizer Lifting Chair may be the solution. The Raizer M uses a simple crank and body weight leverage to enable anyone to lift a patient up to 330 pounds. The Raizer II is battery operated and remote controlled.

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