• Never worry about your loved ones falling again.

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Never worry about your loved ones falling again.

Raizer M & Raizer II Lifting Chairs

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How to Prevent Injuries From Falling

Have a loved one that has a high risk of falling? Having a difficult time getting them back up? A Raizer Lifting Chair may be the solution. The Raizer M uses a simple crank and body weight leverage to enable anyone to lift a patient up to 330 pounds. The Raizer II is battery operated and remote controlled.

The Finest Danish Engineering

In Europe, the innovative Raizer M lifting device has saved hundreds of thousands of people from sustaining serious injuries from falls.

Easy to Assemble

There’s only one way to assemble a Raizer Lifting Chair. You don’t have to fuss with confusing parts or a bulky instruction manual when someone is in need.

Fail-Safe Operation

Let go of the handle or button at any time, and rest assured that your Raizer Lifting Chair will not move. It’s only built to help.

Your Loved One Isn’t a Statistic

Falling Accidents Happen Every Day...

Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits, affecting over 8 million people each year. They have lasting physical and psychological effects on your loved ones, nursing home residents, and those trying to help. What if having a Raizer Lifting Chair on hand could save them?

The Leading Portable Lifting Device for Falls

When it comes to ease of use, storage, portability, safety, speed, capacity, and more, Raizer M beats all the lifting devices currently on the market. While we might not be able to prevent your loved ones from falling, we can help alleviate serious injuries, ensuring fallen patients can get up quickly and get to help. 


When my wife came back from hip replacement surgery, she had a tendency to fall down often. It was difficult to get her back up without causing her pain. The Raizer M is a true life saver and has made it so much easier to help her up! Thank you Rize Up!

Danny Betteridge


My grandfather enjoys playing with his grand kids on the floor in our living room. Unfortunately, lately it has become an ordeal to get him back up from the floor. Rize Up had the perfect product that easily helps him every time comfortably. Thank goodness for the Raizer M.

Jessica Priston


My mom has had several surgeries on her knees through the years. She uses a walker to help her throughout the house. We thought we had every tool available to help her along until she fell. I need to call my brother to come by and help me help her up. My friend referred me to the Raizer M. I haven't had to use it yet, but the quality of this product, I know I don't have to call my brother to help me next time!

Mary Thornton

Discover More Ways to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe from Falls

Whether you’re caring for a loved one at home or caring for thousands of elderly patients at an assisted living facility, Rize Up has your back.

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