How It Works - Safe Lift from Floor for Elderly

Raizer M - How It Works

See how easily our simple and portable device can safely help a fallen person up to almost a standing position safely within a few minutes.



The Raizer M is a lifting device designed to assist individuals who have fallen and need help getting back up. It's particularly useful for caregivers, medical professionals, and emergency responders in situations where lifting someone manually might be difficult or unsafe.

It is a floor lift for elderly that is trusted by professionals to be used in-home. Given it's unique set of features and portability it's one of the more popular elderly lift assist devices to lift someone up from the floor to a seated position.  From the elevated seated position, the patient can easily stand-up with minimal effort.

Here are some other key features for the Raizer M:

Here are some key features and aspects of the Raizer M:

  1. Design: The Raizer M is designed as a portable and lightweight lifting device. It typically consists of a sturdy frame with straps and supports to lift a person safely.

  2. Operation: The device is operated by one person. It usually involves placing the device around the fallen individual, securing them with straps, and then using a hand crank or similar mechanism to gradually lift them back to a sitting or standing position.

  3. Adjustability: The Raizer M often offers adjustable settings to accommodate different body types and sizes. This ensures that the lifting process is comfortable and safe for the individual being lifted.

  4. Safety: Safety is a primary concern with devices like the Raizer M. They are typically designed with features such as sturdy construction, secure straps, and mechanisms to prevent sudden movements during the lifting process. Some models may also have built-in alarms or indicators to alert caregivers if the device is not being used correctly.

  5. Portability: Portability is another key aspect of the Raizer M. It's often designed to be easily transportable, allowing caregivers to bring it to different locations as needed, whether it's a home, healthcare facility, or outdoor environment.

  6. Battery-powered Version: While the Raizer M uses a manual crank, the Raizer II is battery-powered, which means it can be used without the need for external power sources. This enhances their versatility and usability in various settings.

  7. Training: While the Raizer M is designed to be user-friendly, proper training is usually recommended for caregivers and users to ensure that it is used correctly and safely in different situations.