My husband fell and we both ended up in the hospital

My husband fell one night, so how did we BOTH end up in the hospital?

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It started out like a normal Tuesday night.

The next thing you know, my Husband and I are both in the hospital.

It happened so fast I couldn’t think.

Suddenly I was in intense PAIN.

Even worse, I was really scared.

I never saw it coming.

I mean, I was just trying to help him.

Let me start at the beginning:

We always joke around because we don’t FEEL old.

But we’ve had friends get hurt. Seems like it happens more and more with age.

Personally, I worry about things like tripping and falling.

I enjoy taking time to do research, so I started digging for facts.

First off, I found out fall injuries are expensive.

In the U.S. the AVERAGE cost of a fall injury for those 65 and above is $14,000 PER PATIENT.

It’s a scary number, and even scarier when it happens to someone you love.

Here’s another number:

60% of falls leading to serious injury happen INSIDE the home, often with family and help nearby.

I thought as long as someone else was there, it was safe.

But that led me to the big discovery I made.

It’s HUGE.

And NO ONE is talking about it:

Injuries to the people HELPING lift someone they care about who has fallen.

You heard that right.

MILLIONS of Americans are forced to pay TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in medical fees because they tried to help a fallen loved one.

Improper lifting is a SERIOUS problem and results in worsened injury to the fallen, and can actually create injury in the person lifting.

That’s EXACTLY what happened to me.

Here’s the story:

My husband and I both have some mobility issues, but we get along mostly.

We live alone, and we don’t like to bother anyone if we don’t have to.

On that Tuesday night, I heard a *thump* from the other room and found him on his back.

But like I said, this has happened before, nothing we can’t handle.

That’s what I thought anyway.

Except when I tried to help him up, MY back went out and we were BOTH on the floor.

We were afraid to move.

Luckily my son was visiting and called the paramedics.

They had the proper equipment to lift us up safely.

In the end we were both ok.

More embarrassed than hurt.

But the ambulance ride was expensive.

And the hospital visit WASN’T free…

That night really got me thinking.

What can I do next time?

If he falls again, how can I help him up in a way that’s safe for BOTH of us?

I went back to researching.

I knew there had to be SOMETHING that would help.

Honestly, I had just about given up looking when I found it.

It’s a simple device that’s being used at care facilities nationwide for EXACTLY this problem.

And it can save you a LOT of money (and embarrassment).

It’s called the Raizer M Lifting Chair

And I got mine completely FREE after reimbursement.

And it’s easier to get one NOW than ever before.

Designed to be used by a SINGLE person, the Raizer M SAFELY lifts the fallen into a comfortable and upright seated position.

And it’s strong enough that I can lift my husband from flat on his back to sitting upright.

No seriously!

You just turn the handle and it does the work for you.

Now I’m not the most mechanically-minded person, and even I can put it together.

It’s actually fast and easy because it’s been designed with NO WRONG WAY to assemble!

I was proud of myself!

Since we got our Raizer M Lifting Chair I feel better prepared.

We are careful, but we know something like this could happen again.

Next time if one of us falls, we have the tool to safely get back up.

Here’s the BEST part:

The FDA has approved this device as a Class I patient lift, and as such it may be completely FREE after reimbursement for you or a loved one.

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Find Out if you Qualify to receive the Raizer M for FREE