The First Portable Patient Lift of its Kind

An assisted living device should improve the user's quality of life. It should remove the fear associated with potential accidents, be readily available in the event of an emergency, and be easy to pack up and take with you wherever you go.

However, one potential accident that isn't so easy to prepare for is a fall.

Falls can happen anywhere at any time, but the fear of falling shouldn't hold you back from living a normal life. Therefore, a lifting device to prevent falls should:

  • Be portable,
  • Work without a power supply,
  • Be easy for anyone to assemble and use, even if they are not a medical professional.

We heard you, and we responded with the revolutionary Raizer M Lifting Chair.

Raizer M is the first portable patient lift that's lightweight, requires no power supply, and features a fail-safe crank operation that anyone can master in seconds.

Portable Lifting Devices – Why So Hard to Find?

Before Raizer M landed in the American market, finding a portable patient lift was nearly impossible. One of the best alternatives was the Hoyer Lift, but this device is far better suited to sit in a hospital room than in an elderly persons' home, and it certainly cannot accompany them beyond that. 

Even the Classic Hoyer Lift – the standard model with no additional features – weighs 120 pounds. At only 27.3 pounds, the Raizer M Lifting Chair is much easier to put in the car, store at home, or retrieve in an emergency.

What About Power?

The other major challenge in the lifting device market is finding a device that doesn't require a power supply. Imagine coming to your loved one's aide after a fall only to realize that your lifting device needs new batteries.

Raizer M is hand-operated by a single person and a crank. It leverages the fallen person's body weight to raise them to a seated position, causing no risk or strain to the operator. With Raizer M, anyone can safely lift someone who weights up to 330 pounds in under four minutes.

The Bottom Line

With quick access, ease of use, storage, portability, device safety, lift-up speed, and accessories required for operation, the Raizer M Lifting Chair trumps every other lifting device on the market. Don't take chances when it comes to your loved ones' health and safety – trust a device that works anytime, anywhere, and by any operator.

Buy the FDA-listed Raizer M Lifting Chair today and get a bonus headrest and free shipping.


Always assess the situation before making medical decisions to help another person. Lifting devices should only be used in certain situations which can be assessed and determined that it is safe to use. If you are uncertain, please seek a medical professional for help. Always use your best judgement. The Raizer Lifting Chairs make the lifting process faster, easier and ensure proper lifting technique. That does not mean that they are suitable for every situation.