Preventing Injuries From Falls in Elderly Patients

Preventing Injuries From Falls in Elderly Patients

When an Elderly Person Falls, It Has Lasting Psychological Effects

For elderly people over the age of 65, the physical and psychological injuries sustained from a fall affect the rest of their lives. According to a survey conducted by the National Health Interview, nearly half of all elderly persons who experience a falling accident will fall two or more times within the year.

Preventing falls in elderly patients is nearly impossible, but reducing the potential of injuries and psychological effects is not.

Injuries Sustained From Falls

A simple slip and fall-related incident, especially among the elderly, can result in serious health complications that often will change that person’s quality of life forever. The National Floor Safety Institute highlights that half of all elderly adults (over 65) who experience hip fractures due to falls cannot return home or live independently again. According to the same study, falls account for 87% of all fractures among the same age group.

Fall Victims are Never the Same

What we often neglect to consider is how falling affects a person's mental health. In addition to physical injuries, falls are also the second leading cause of brain injury symptoms.

Furthermore, fall victims live in constant fear of falling again. After a fall, many people suffer from a kind of PTSD that involves:

  • Loss of balance confidence
  • Balance fear/anxiety
  • Lost confidence in the ability to manage another fall
  • Reduced physical activity
  • Lower perceived health status

Innovative Medical Lifting Device Technology

Decreasing the potential of elderly persons sustaining serious injuries from their falls will help us overcome these looming statistics. Injury prevention starts with getting them back up faster and to proper care.

In the case of an unfortunate accident, being equipped with the right technology minimizes the lasting impacts of a fall. That's where the Raizer M Lifting Chair comes in.

The Raizer M Lifting Chair is a revolutionary medical lifting device that anyone can use to help a fallen person back up to a sitting position in less than four minutes. The lifting chair offers a fail-safe assembly, mechanical operation with a hand crank, and is the only FDA-listed portable patient lift designed for home and professional care.

The Raizer M Lifting Chair works double duty to reduce injuries from a fall by ensuring:

  • The fallen person gets back up quickly and safely
  • The person assisting them doesn't sustain injuries from improper lifting

The Safety of Your Loved One

The Raizer M Lifting Chair is the easiest way to ensure caregivers and elderly patients can quickly and safely recover from a fall. As the first mechanically-operated portable patient lift, the Raizer M is always ready when and where you need it.

Learn more about purchasing Raizer M or see if your Medicare will cover the cost today.


Always assess the situation before making medical decisions to help another person. Lifting devices should only be used in certain situations which can be assessed and determined that it is safe to use. If you are uncertain, please seek a medical professional for help. Always use your best judgement. The Raizer Lifting Chairs make the lifting process faster, easier and ensure proper lifting technique. That does not mean that they are suitable for every situation.

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