Must-Have Items to Support Aging in Place

Aging in place should be a peaceful and stress-free process. However, many elderly people do not have the necessary tools to ensure their quality of life.

New technologies have made it possible for older adults to age in place peacefully. SeniorsGuide, a publication for senior citizens, outlined a great list of items for the golden years:

  • Grab bars in the restrooms
  • Shower/bathtub bench for getting in and out
  • Adjustable bed with guard rails
  • Flexible, adaptable clothing such as velcro shoes
  • Mobility aids like scooters, wheelchairs, canes
  • Ramps placed over stairs
  • Stairlifts in case of multiple flights
  • Secure railings along stairways
  • Lifting chair to prevent injuries from falling

Injuries From Falling

For elderly patients and senior citizens over the age of 65, injuries from falling are at the forefront of many accidents they risk experiencing. According to the National Council On Aging, completing a walk-through safety assessment in their place of residency is key. Noting aspects like poor lighting, stairs, or slippery floors can make a positive difference.

 But what can be done in the case of an elderly patient who experiences a fall?

Medical Lifting Devices

Lifting devices can help a fallen person back up into a seated position. When someone falls, getting them back up safely and quickly can prevent long-term sustained injuries from the fall. However, not all medical lifting devices are created equally.

The Raizer M Lifting Chair is a portable, easy-to-use lifting device. It not only helps a fallen person back up but also prevents the person helping them from sustaining an injury from improper lifting. 

 For elderly people aging in place, portability and ease of operation are key considerations for medical devices. Raizer M was designed for anyone to use:

  • Hand-operated by a single person
  • Less than 30 pounds!
  • FDA listed as a Class 1 patient lift
  • No need for batteries or an electrical outlet!

Eliminating Risks Associated with Elderly Patient Falls

If you or a loved one are outfitting your home with medical devices and aides to support aging in place, you must consider the impact of a potential fall.

In addition to taking safety measures to prevent falling, having a portable patient lift like Raizer M ensures that if a fall happens, you're prepared to handle it.

Learn more about Raizer M online and see if you're eligible for insurance to cover the cost!


Always assess the situation before making medical decisions to help another person. Lifting devices should only be used in certain situations which can be assessed and determined that it is safe to use. If you are uncertain, please seek a medical professional for help. Always use your best judgement. The Raizer Lifting Chairs make the lifting process faster, easier and ensure proper lifting technique. That does not mean that they are suitable for every situation.