Instead of the Hoyer Lift, Try This Medical Lifting Device

Instead of the Hoyer Lift, Try This Medical Lifting Device

Helping elderly patients get up from a fall can cause serious injuries that no one would expect to happen. After all, isn’t helping someone stand up supposed to minimize the risk of injury?

Maybe not.

Medical lifting devices like the Hoyer Lift present a host of challenges that could result in assisted living patients sustaining worse injuries from the lifting up process than the fall itself. Improper training, lack of maintenance, and machine malfunctions all present safety risks for using the Hoyer Lift, especially outside of a medical setting.

The Risks of Using Hoyer Lifts
Falls are one of the leading causes of injury and death at assisted living facilities. However, many professional care facilities have proper equipment to help a fallen patient back up. The Hoyer Lift is one of the most popular medical lifting devices.

But, what happens when a home care patient falls down? Most people don’t have a bulky Hoyer Lift sitting in their spare bedroom to help a loved one who has fallen at home. Furthermore, most home caregivers don’t have the medical knowledge or training to properly use the Hoyer Lift and other professional lifting devices.

Assisted living facilities and home caregivers also run the risk of not being able to access or power the Hoyer Lift in a time of need. When someone falls, you need to act fast to help them back up. Even the basic model of the Hoyer Lift weighs nearly 120 pounds, and more advanced models require power for operation. These factors severely limit the usability of Hoyer Lift for unplanned falls.

Healthcare workers and caregivers need a portable lifting device that’s easy to operate without medical training and doesn’t require power to use. The Hoyer Lift just isn’t a reliable enough solution for the unpredictable nature of falls.

The Solution
In comes Raizer M, a portable lifting chair that picks up where the Hoyer Lift falls short. This lightweight, easy to maintain, and mechanically operated lifting chair will change the way caregivers help patients back up from falls. With Raizer M, you never have to worry about putting yourself or your patients at greater risk of injury during the lifting process.

Raizer M is a must have for assisted living facilities, home caregivers and nursing homes. Unlike the Hoyer Lift, Raizer M is:

  • Easy to operate without training.
  • Mechanically operated with a crank.
  • Lightweight - only 26 pounds.
  • Ultra portable - works anytime, anywhere without the need for power or accessories.


Shop the Raizer M from Rize Up Homecare
Falling is scary, unpredictable and wreaks havoc on victims. Don’t let the lifting up process put them in even more danger of physical and psychological injuries. Try the Raizer M portable lifting chair instead.

See if you may be eligible for insurance compensation for your Raizer M! Order now for peace of mind and have the Raizer M shipped to you within 1 business day!


Always assess the situation before making medical decisions to help another person. Lifting devices should only be used in certain situations which can be assessed and determined that it is safe to use. If you are uncertain, please seek a medical professional for help. Always use your best judgement. The Raizer Lifting Chairs make the lifting process faster, easier and ensure proper lifting technique. That does not mean that they are suitable for every situation.

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