4 Ways to Help Your Parents Aging in Place

When you talk to your parents about assisted living options, it's not uncommon that they'll want to stay in their own homes. Not only is aging in place more familiar and comfortable, but the financial aspects are appealing too. 

With preparation, planning, and aging in place home modifications, this way of living can be peaceful and safe. Whether you are caring for your aging parents by yourself or with the help of a home care agency, Rize Up has some strategies to help you help your parents age in place.

Talk to Your Parents About Aging in Place

Talk with your parents about assisted living options before they actually need home care. Planning ensures they have a say in the situation and reduces the stress around an already tense conversation.

Make sure your parents understand all their options, including aging in place. If they decide aging in place is best for them, you can start making and reviewing aging in place home modifications to prepare for the future.

Learn more about how Rize Up recommends talking to a loved one about assisted living options here.

Understand the Risks and Safety Concerns

To make aging in place safe and peaceful for your parents, you must understand the unique risks that accompany them. The two biggest safety issues that concern older adults are falling and burning themselves.

Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Falls have lasting physical and mental effects on the elderly. They are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for adults over 65 in the United States. 

There are many aging in place home modifications you can make to reduce the risk of falls at home. These include:

  • Installing grab bars in the bathroom and shower
  • Using ramps instead of stairs
  • Moving the bedroom to the first floor
  • Widening doorways
  • Removing cords and trip hazards

Preventing Fires and Burns While Aging in Place

Fires are most likely to occur when older adults with memory problems are unsupervised at home. To reduce the risk of fatal fires, you can:

  • Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and check the batteries twice a year
  • Frequently check that electrical cords and appliances are working correctly

Have an Emergency Action Plan in Place

While making aging in place home modifications reduces the chances of an accident, they still happen. Having an action plan and proper equipment will ensure you can respond to these accidents quickly, reducing the chances of serious injury. 

A portable lifting chair is ideal for those aging in place. The Raizer M Lifting Chair, for instance, is a mechanical device that can be used anywhere by anyone. You can assemble it underneath a fallen person and use the hand crank to get them back up into a seated position in minutes. 

Often, an incorrect lifting process can exacerbate injuries or create new ones. Having a lifting chair on hand nearly eliminates this possibility. 

Your emergency response action plan should also include an easy way for your parents to contact you or 911. There are many medical alert systems that elderly people wear on their wrists or necks and press a button to notify someone of an emergency. 

Aging in Place Can Be Safe

The majority of adults prefer aging in place over going to a long-term care facility. If your parents fall into this category, know that aging in place is possible and safe with the right accommodations. 

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Always assess the situation before making medical decisions to help another person. A lifting device should only be used in certain situations which can be assessed and determined that it is safe to use. If you are uncertain, please seek a medical professional for help. Always use your best judgement. The Raizer Lifting Chairs make the lifting process faster, easier and ensure proper lifting technique. That does not mean that they are suitable for every situation.